Therapist project


This project has two main challenges: the development of robotic-based therapies for non-contact therapeutic treatments of paediatric patients affected by motor deficits in their upper limbs due to obstetric brachial plexus palsy and cerebral palsy, and the development of the cognitive architecture of the socially interactive robot THERAPIST. This robot will be mainly designed to both, encourage and motivate, patients to engage in long duration therapies. By monitoring the evolution of these sessions the robot will help in adapting the sessions to the patients' necessities and state. The success on achieving these complex goals will be pursued by putting together a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, patients, experts on automated planning and machine learning, robot developers and researchers on artificial perception and cognition. These novel robotic therapies will be designed taking into account the experience on paediatric rehabilitation of the staff of the Rehabilitation Department of the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio (HUVR, Seville), but also the realistic opinions on automated planning of the researchers from the Planning and Learning Group (PLG) of the University Carlos III of Madrid, and the robot expertise of the researchers from RoboLab at the University of Extremadura and from the ISIS and M2P groups at the Universities of Malaga and Jaen. Pilot and evaluations will be performed on the installations of the HUVR. The HUVR is an established university hospital with access to large pool of volunteer end-users as well as carers, coaches, physician and other interested health parties. This basic research project is organized in the following work-packages:

Project Management
& Coordination.

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Design of the
Use Case.

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Robotic Platform,
Software & Cognitive
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Self & World

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Common & Task-oriented

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Automated Planning, Monitoring
& Learning.
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Pilot &

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Accomplishment Dissemination
& Technology Transfer.

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