THERAPIST: An autonomous and socially interactive
robot for motor and neurorehabilitation therapies.

Proposed use case:
motivation, design and evaluation.
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Inner models: a tool
for prediction, evaluation and selection.
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Deliberative level:
automated planning, monitoring and learning.
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Common, model-update
and task-oriented
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Our scenario

Our use-case deals with paediatric patients with upper-limbs motor deficits due to cerebral palsy (Group 1) and obstetric brachial palsy (Group 2). The age of the patients inside Group 1 will range from four to nine years old and from five to nine years for Group 2. THERAPIST should be designed to engage these children in the therapy, maintaining their motivation through games and interaction. Also, THERAPIST will provide to the health professionals an alternative tool for coaching, which will ease their everyday work.

Health professionals

Latest news:

February 25, 2015

The ability of the Nao robot for driving a therapeutic session was tested in the HUVR with three children. See the videos at

November 27, 2014

NaoTherapist starts its evaluation with children of different primary schools. From Nov 14 to Feb 15, more than 100 children will test the ability of the Nao robot to autonomously drive the session at Madrid or Malaga.